Biomolecules and Nanostructures - Bedlewo 3

4-8 September 2011, Będlewo near Poznań, Poland


Abstract Book
Sunday   September 4, 2011
chairperson: Marek Cieplak
15:00 - 22:00 Registration
18:00 Welcome reception - garden party
19:30 - 20:30 I-1 David B. Searls, University of Pennsylvania, USA
Macromolecules, Languages, and Automata
20:30 - 20:40 Anna Niedźwiecka, Institute of Physics, PAS; University of Warsaw, Poland
The NanoFun Project
20:40 - 22:00 Dinner at bonfire
Monday   September 5, 2011
chairperson: Marek Cieplak
9:00 - 9:40 I-2 Bertrand Garcia-Moreno, Department of Biophysics, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, USA
Charges in the Hydrophobic Interior of Proteins
9:50 - 10:25 I-3 Mariusz Jaskólski, Faculty of Chemistry, Adam Mickiewicz University, Poznan, Poland
Structure and Function of Chito-oligosaccharide N-Methylase: a Small Step Towards Understanding Plant-Bacterium Symbiosis
10:25 - 10:50 Coffee break
chairperson: Mariusz Jaskólski
10:50 - 11:25 I-4 Ard A. Louis, Institute of Theoretical Physics, Oxford University, UK
Coarse-grained Model for Self-assembling DNA
11:30 - 12:05 I-5 Mariano Carrion-Vazquez, Cajal Institute, Madrid, Spain
The Nanomechanics of Neurotoxic Proteins
12:10 - 12:45 I-6 Michał Dadlez, Institute of Biochemistry and Biophysics, Warsaw, Poland
Ion Mobility Separation Coupled with MS Detects Two Structural States of Alzheimer's Disease Aβ1-40 Peptide Oligomers
12:45 - 15:00 Lunch
chairperson: Cornelia G. Palivan
15:00 - 15:35 I-7 Dror Noy, Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel
Light Energy Harvesting and Dissipation in de novo Designed Bacteriochlorophyll Proteins
15:40 - 16:15 I-8 Wiesław I. Gruszecki, Institute of Physics, Maria Curie-Sklodowska University, Lublin
Regulation of Excitation Density at the Level of Single Photosynthetic Antenna Complex LHCII
16:15 - 16:45 Coffee break
chairperson: Bertrand Garcia-Moreno
16:45 - 17:20 I-9 Daniel Reich, Department of Physics, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, USA
Probing Sub-Cellular Force Dynamics with Arrays of Magnetic Microposts
17:25 - 18:00 I-10 Harald Janovjak, Institute of Science and Technology Austria, Klosterneuburg, Austria
Optical Control of Cellular Signaling
18:05 - 18:40 I-11 Sophie Jackson, Department of Chemistry, Cambridge University, UK
A Tangled Problem: the Structure, Function and Folding of Knotted Proteins
18:40 - 19:40 Dinner
20:00 - 22:00 Poster Session 1 (P1 - P20)
Tuesday   September 6, 2011
chairperson: Harald Janovjak
9:00 - 9:35 I-12 Joanna Sułkowska, University of California, San Diego, USA
Folding and Unfolding of Proteins with Knots
9:40 - 10:15 I-13 Emanuele Paci, Institute of Molecular and Cell Biology, School of Physics and Astronomy, Univeristy of Leeds, Leeds, UK
Thermodynamics, Kinetics and Mechanics of Structured and Unstructured Polypeptides
10:20 - 10:55 I-14 Pilar Cossio, SISSA, Trieste, Italy
Enhanced Sampling of Proteins' Conformational Space beyond the PDB
10:55 - 11:15 Coffee break
chairperson: Andrzej Sienkiewicz
11:15 - 11:50 I-15 Cornelia Palivan, Department of Chemistry, University of Basel, Switzerland
Enzyme - Containing Nanoreactors
11:55 - 12:30 I-16 Marcin Nowotny, International Institute of Molecular and cell Biology in Warsaw
Structural Studies of DNA Repair
12:30 - 13:30 Lunch
13:30 - 17:15 Excursion
17:15 - 17:30 Coffee break
chairperson: Anna Niedźwiecka
17:30 - 18:05 I-17 Andrzej Dziembowski, Institute of Biochemistry and Biophysics, Warsaw, Poland
Biochemical and Structural Analysis of Protein Complexes Involved in RNA Metabolism
18:10 - 18:45 I-18 Ryszard W. Adamiak, Institue of Bioorganic Chemistry, Poznan, Poland
HIV-2 Leader RNA Structure: the Interplay Between Experiment and Modeling
18:50 - 19:25 I-19 Ryszard Stolarski, Univeristy of Warsaw, Poland
eIF4E Recognition Specificity for Mono- and Trimethylated Structures of mRNA 5'cap - an Open Question
19:30 - 20:15 Dinner
20:15 - 22:00 Poster Session 2 (P21 - P37)
Wednesday   September 7, 2011
chairperson: Daniel H. Reich
9:00 - 9:40 I-20 Jose Onuchic, University of California San Diego, USA
Exploring the Landscape for Protein Folding: from Function to Molecular Machines
9:45 - 10:20 I-21 Christopher M. Johnson, MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology, Cambridge, UK
Fluctuation Correlation Spectroscopy: from Peptides to Molecular Machines
10:25 - 11:00 I-22 Jose Maria Valpuesta, Centro Nacional de Biotechnologia, CSIC, Madrid, Spain
Molecular Chaperones: Nanomachines in the Protein Folding Assembly Line
11:00 - 11:30 Coffee break
chairperson: Emanuele Paci
11:30 - 12:05 I-23 Thomas Weikl, Max Planck Institute of Colloids and Interfaces, Potsdam
Discrete Energy Landscapes in Protein Folding and Function
12:10 - 12:45 I-24 Marek Langner, Institute of Physics, Wroclaw Technical University, Poland
Lipid Bilayer - the Simplest Biological System
12:50 - 13:25 I-25 Paolo De los Rios, Ecole Polytechnique Lausanne, Switzerland
Protein Rehabilitation by the Hsp70 Chaperone
13:25 - 15:00 Lunch
chairperson: Sophie Jackson
15:00 - 15:35 I-26 Dimitrios Fotiadis, Institute of Biochemistry and Molecular Medicine, University of Bern, Switzerland
Membrane Protein Structure Determination by High-resolution Microscopy Techniques
15:40 - 16:15 I-27 Ramunas Valiokas, Center for Physical Sciences and Technology, Vilnius, Lithuania
Nanopatterning of Soft Surfaces for Organizing Proteins and Cells
16:20 - 16:55 I-28 Piotr Szymczak, Faculty of Physics, University of Warsaw, Poland
Protein Translocation Through a Pore
16:55 - 17:30 Coffee break
Main lecture place, chairperson: Ryszard Stolarski
17:30 - 18:05 I-29 Dorota Wolicka, Warsaw University, Faculty of Geology, Warsaw, Poland
Mineralogical Processes under Sulphate Reducing Condition in Soils Contaminated by Crude Oil
18:10 - 18:45 I-30 Joanna Wesoły, Biology Department, Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań, Poland
Signal Transducers and Activators of Transcription in Renal Transplantation and Renal Cell Carcinoma
18:50 - 19:30 I-31 Mikołaj Olejniczak, Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry PAS, Institute of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Adam Mickiewicz University, Poznań, Poland
The Kinetic and Thermodynamic Framework of the Chaperone Protein Hfq Interactions with Bacterial RNAs
Poster room place, chairperson: Ard A. Louis
17:30 - 17:55 I-34 Ulrich H.E. Hansmann, Department of Physics, Michigan Technological University, USA
Enhanced Sampling in Protein Simulations
18:00 - 18:25 I-32 Andrzej Koliński, Chemistry Department, Warsaw University, Poland
Modeling of Protein Folding and Docking Pathways - a Multiscale Approach
18:30 - 18:55 I-33 Kay-Eberhard Gottschalk, Department of Experimental Physics, University of Ulm, Germany
Molecular Dynamics Simulations of Interactions of Amino Acids and Proteins with Gold Surfaces
19:00 - 19:25 I-35 Paul Barker, University of Cambridge, Chemistry Department, UK
Control of Protein Fibril Superstructure by the Conformation of Pendant Domains
19:45 Conference banquet